This applications area supports the accounting of payroll and other events from the regular employment relationship as well as payments from other employment relationships and other payments to natural persons, which are all adapted to the specifics of the Slovenian legislation and other regulations as well as to the specifics of the commercial practice.

Implemented is integration with working time recording systems Time/Space, 4thWay and various others.

It allows for different degrees of integration with the human resources information system. On the one hand staff register can be used autonomously for payroll, on the other hand a complex connection is possible at the level of rights and traceability, when only certain personnel data are drawn to calculate payroll. The basic criterion for the treatment of an employee in an accounting period is the validity of his employment contract for at least one day within that accounting period.

It is possible to prepare different income accounts from the employment relationship in parallel. Different types of income can be accounted for in the same statement (e.g. together payment, salary, long-service bonus …).

It allows for notification of workers about payroll, notifications of items of income, notifications of pension insurance by e-mail or by documentation portal through which the employee can traceably transfer his documentation.

Supported are over 50 kinds of wage types.