Human Resources Management

Human resources management in the ITS4P system can cover functionalities of a complex business environment of more companies and management of a system for hired workforce. In this system one can recruit, plan and conduct education, set a competency model and monitor the competency profile of employees. Documentation such as employment documentation, authorisation, certificates, employment contracts, decisions on annual leave etc. can be electronically stored and processed. This documentation can be transmitted to the employees by electronic mail or by authorised access to the documentation portal. Otherwise one can set a minimum human resources functionality, which a company would like to have within its ERP system. Supported are the following functionalities:

– Job classification, competency model

– Recruitment procedure

– Recruitment management and related procedures: basic record of employee’s time, conclusion of contracts, monitoring of educational qualification, additional training, skills, additional knowledge, languages, medical examination, social health conditions, definition of working conditions, signals and warnings, recording of notes, interviews, notifications, additional competences and records, invalidity and physical impairment as well as industrial injuries, processing of portfolio of documents, calculation of leave.