Financial/Accounting Management

ITS4P system contains a wide set of functionalities of the financial/accounting management:

  • General ledger
  • Balance sheet
  • Payment transactions
  • Capital assets
  • Travel forms
  • Cash register
  • Reports and analyses
  • Stationary and mobile solutions for document management and deposit as well as information distribution
  • Interfaces with commercial banks, Bank of Slovenia, AJPES, FURS

which support all the basic requirements of the Slovenian business environment and are at the same time in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). They enable business operation in multicurrency business environments and support business operation with European and Third World countries.

General ledger allows for computerised and manual posting of business transactions, insight and print of account cards, underlying documents and logbooks as well as compilation of different statements and reports, used in accounting. At the end of the fiscal year an automatic closure of accounts class 4 (costs) and 7 (revenues) and the opening of a new fiscal year is enabled. It allows for the compilation of balance sheets, a report for financial statement statistics, etc.

Balance accounts trace accounts receivable and accounts payable, status of open items, interest calculation, compensations and statements of account, admonition and balance account cards of partners. It allows for manual or computerised closing of open items for a selected account and a selected business partner.

Payment transactions allow for the preparation of payment orders and export of payment orders into electronic banking applications, import of bank statements, booking of bank statements and monitoring of turnover and balance on current accounts.

Fixed assets allow for compilation of documents Acquisition, Relocation, Change and Elimination of asset’s inventory IDs. Statements of account of Acquisition, Relocation, Elimination and Amortisation non-taxable and taxable are compiled. Underlying documents for booking are compiled. The inventory of fixed assets can be done manually or with mobile devices of different providers. Each provider of mobile devices has its own structure for the import and export of fixed assets: EAN labels are printed for asset’s inventory IDs and locations. The modul comprises different overviews of the fixed assets register and Amortisations. Records for current investments can also be kept.

Travel forms allow for monitoring records of travel forms and their calculation for business travels in Slovenia and abroad. Travel expenses are reimbursed to the current account or with payroll. This is a characteristic example of a business area where the nature of work led to the use of mobile environment. This way the whole process of preparing and calculating of travel expenses is moved to the mobile environment.

Cash register allows for compiling of cash register receipts and expenditures, printing and booking of cash books and tracking of turnover over cash registers.

Reports and analyses allow for compiling and printing balance sheets on the basis of the pre-formatted report templates (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, corporate income tax, etc.). New reports can be compiled on the general ledger account basis, while the system for information distribution enables drawing up and controlled distribution of innumerable adapted reports, into which information from other business areas can be incorporated.