Purchase/Sales, Production and Inventory Management

The ITS4P system supports the needs of those companies which deal with procurement, manufacturing, services or product sales. It contains:

  • Support for procurement process to suppliers (certification  of orders).
  • Support for procurement process of buyers (reception and confirmation of orders).
  • Support for selling process to buyers (delivery announcement, delivery, transmission of electronic receipts).
  • Stockpile and warehouse management.
  • Procurement to internal departments (development, production, service …).
  • Support for managing of production (bill of materials and batch, work documentation, production accounting, cost price accounting).
  • Stationary and mobile solutions for management and storage of documents as well as information distribution.
  • Fallback procedures: transmission of electronic receipts (eSlog), processing of barcodes, printing of labels, scanning of barcodes, RIP monitoring of procurement, delivery and transmission of electronic receipts, B2B procedures, Intrastat, CMR, UTZ.

The ITS4P system allows for monitoring of business events by different cost holders and follows the International Accounting Standard Inventories. It allows for the integration of specific software solutions for graphic planning and schedule production planning. It also contains a RIP user interface for buyers, which exchanges information on procurement and delivery status.