• We are a team with extensive experience.
  • We know how to build good professional and interpersonal relations with our partners.
  • We have a vast and adjustable concept of software solutions.
  • We follow our customers’ requirements and specifications as well as regularities of integration with their local IT systems and with the entire business environment.
  • We organise our work performance to ensure speed, response and economy.
  • In the environments where the adjustment and connectivity of the IT system concern everyday business activities.
  • In the business, where the capacity to quickly and economically connect with business partners is the key to successful operation.
  • Where off-the-shelf ERP solutions are not good enough.
  • Where the existing ERP is comprehensive but too slow and/or too expensive to adjust to the required changes.

We are suitable for you because:

  • You are a medium-sized or a large enterprise with an advanced ERP.
  • You require integration with external business environment and internal autonomous systems.
  • Your business partners have high demands as to the IT connections and require responsiveness and flexibility.
  • Your owners require connection with the central IT system.
  • You need to connect to diverse and distributed hardware.
  • You are a small enterprise which requires more than an off-the-shelf ERP solution as well as a fast and simple response.
  • You want to bring software solutions closer to the needs in the workplace and vice versa.
  • You need a system for a selective distribution of information adjusted to workplaces.
  • You do not only focus on the formalisation of the paperless business activities, but on the actual content-oriented documentation platform, incorporating and enabling distribution of all information aspects.
  • You have requirements in specific fields, e.g. forwarding, logistics, pharmaceuticals, real estate etc.
  • You seek to link to JEDOX, ZZI, XYZMO and other systems.
  • You would like to offer to your business partner in Slovenia a reliable integration with different SW/HW and quick responses to your demands.
  • You cooperate with foreign partners with high requests and a need to connect to their ERP systems.

We connect numerous autonomous subsystems into a cohesive whole, constantly expanding and adjusting functionalities of the IT environment to the changing requirements of the complex business environment.

Matej Bregar, BTC d.d., Chief Information Officer – CIO:
»IT Solutions 4 People are esteemed in our company as integrators of different IT subsystems. With their capacity to create good interpersonal relations they are able to bring technical aspects closer to people and in this way successfully connect different aspects of our business activities.«

Rajko Čvorovič, BTC d.d., Member of Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer – CFO:
»In operation of such a large and complex business environment as ours new requirements and changes in business activities constantly arise. As ITS4P has a lot of knowhow and experience in the area of business informatics, they successfully meet our requirements and enable us further development in the technical, business and organisational sense.«

We ensure the functioning of the ERP system and its integration with Fraport, ODOS, Kadris and SAP as well as the implementation of tighter security standards and the assurance of traceability (audit trail).

Boštjan Rakovec, Fraport Slovenija d.o.o. (Aerodrom Ljubljana), Chief Information Officer – CIO:
»It was also due to reliability of the ITS4P team and their business information system that we successfully completed the process of selling a business. Foreign ownership sets high demands in standards of business informatics, both from the content and news aspect as well as the aspect of security and authorisation of users. ITS4P can cooperate with us only due to the fact that they satisfy our requirements 100%.«

We ensure the functioning of the forwarding and logistics system and its integration with internal systems of the corporate group Schenker, the integration with the SAP financial and accounting system as well as the integration with numerous IT systems of global corporations (e.g. Viessman, Unilever, TCG, Krka …).

Valerija Špacapan Friš, DB Schenker Slovenija, Managing Director:
»On the one hand we have to adjust to the constantly changing business environment, on the other hand we have to operate in compliance with the company guidelines and company policy. Although there is a trend of choosing and cooperating with global service providers, ITS4P has proven itself as a competitive and flexible partner to meet the requirements of our company.«

Miran Mrak, DB Schenker Slovenija, Chief Information Officer – CIO:
»They are creative and rational in finding optimal solutions and at the same time quick in responding to our requirements.«

Within our purview comes XXXLutz integration, SAP integration, Atoss and XYZMOS integration, the human resource information system, the processing of payroll and other incomes, the portal for employees and external collaborators as well as the subsystem for loans to customers and salespersonsʼ performance.

Andreja Turk, LES-MMS d.o.o. (Lesnina XXXL), Chief Information Officer – CIO:
»ITS4P are present in almost all processes where our owner does not dictate the choice of software. They are able to find solutions satisfying all parties even when requirements are poorly defined.«